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Our physicians are all board certified in their individual specialties. Since we are able to provide many services such as lab testing, sonograms and x-rays, patients often can receive all of their care within our office. Because of this we are able to quickly provide patients with their results, often the same day.

We encourage patients and visitors to recognize employees who display 5 Star Spirit. Simply complete this form, sign it and drop it off at our office or mail it to the address that appears on the form. Your nomination may result in special recognition for the employee. Thank you!



Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 7:00am to 5:00pm

Healthy Living Quiz

How much do you know about what makes up a healthy lifestyle? Here's a pop quiz.

1. How do you define working out?
a. Going to the gym.
b. Turning the jump-rope for the neighbor's kid.
c. Playing Frisbee with your dog.

2. How do you define good nutrition?
a. Eating a vegetable at every meal.
b. Eating two vegetables at every meal.
c. Drinking a fruit smoothie for breakfast.

3. Which of these is a healthy activity?
a. Push-ups, sit-ups, or running the track.
b. Walking the dog after dinner.
c. Spending Saturday afternoon snoozing on the sofa.

Believe it or not, the correct answer to every question is A, B, and C -- even that Saturday afternoon nap!


Our office uses an electronic health record system that allows for an enhanced patient experience through :

·          Patient-to- physician relations

·          Timeliness

·          Patient information storage

·          Portability.