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How much do you know about what makes up a healthy lifestyle? Here’s a pop quiz.

  1. How do you define working out?

    1. Going to the gym.
    2. Turning the jump-rope for the neighbor’s kid.
    3. Playing Frisbee with your dog.
  2. How do you define good nutrition?

    1. Eating a vegetable at every meal.
    2. Eating two vegetables at every meal.
    3. Drinking a fruit smoothie for breakfast.
  3. Which of these is a healthy activity?

    1. Push-ups, sit-ups, or running the track.
    2. Walking the dog after dinner.
    3. Spending Saturday afternoon snoozing on the sofa.

    • Believe it or not, the correct answer to every question is A, B, and C — even that Saturday afternoon nap!

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